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Online live event with Miranda Gray

Miranda Gray will run this beautiful meditation of validation of our cyclic nature.

This meditation is a gentle healing of the female Archetypes hurt by a masculine world, and a validation of the powerful, elegant, beautiful, loving, creative and wise women that we are.

Miranda offers this meditation at a distance to all women who wish to take part.

👩🏻‍🤝‍👩🏼 Who can take part?

- Women with a cycle.

- Women without a cycle - they may choose the Archetype that they most associate with (Miranda will do an introduccion about this).

- Post-menopausal women - who have a valuable and important role in the meditation of sending energy from all of the Archetypes.

- All who gender-identify as female.

🌸 If you have not yet felt the presence of the Archetypes, this meditation is a beautiful method to invite them into your awareness!

About the meditation:

Based on the Girdle Meditation in Miranda's international bestselling book 'Red Moon' and on the healing meditation from her 'Red Moon Workshop', this meditation is:

  • A healing for our female archetypes and an expression of our own female healing powers - we all old the healing energies of the Four Female Archetypes within us.
  • A beautiful way for us to connect to the current Archetype lying within us and to deeply feel her presence and healing gifts.
  • A powerful way for us to experience the presence of the other Archetypes. 

WHEN: September 10th 2021. 20h Spanish Time (GMT + 1)

WHERE: online.

COST: 18€ + transfer fees.

EVENT DURATION: 1:30h aprox.

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